Erlang & Ejabberd on OpenShift

I’m mixing it up a little here – this post is about the backend for our GrafPad site and not related to Python or RapydScript. We will probably be using an XMPP for some new GrafPad features. Sure, there are Python XMPP servers, but we won’t touch the XMPP server code, we’ll only talk to it, so language doesn’t matter. We’re going to use the most proven XMPP server, ejabberd, which happens to written in Erlang. Unfortunately, setting up ejabberd, or any Erlang application for that matter, is a nontrivial task on OpenShift. In most places Erlang likes to automatically bind to and/or, which is something not accessible on OpenShift. Even when you provide an IP list to serve on, Erlang interally adds On top of that, Erlang likes to use ports that are not allowed on OpenShift.

ejabberd on OpenShift After messing around for a day or 2, I discovered that these issues cannot be overcome by configs – the changes had to be made in the original Erlang source. Also, fair warning – my goal was to get something working. The solution I have works, but it’s not production ready. I have a repo with the modified Erlang/OTP source, so feel free to make this better!

There are 2 core problems that need to be solved. It turns out the issues all come from 2 things:

  • You cannot bind to or
  • The only usuable ports are 8080, and 15000-30000.

Solving these problems is tricky. I originally set out to find everywhere where something binded to or and change where they bind to, but there were still issues starting it up even after changing the values everywhere obvious in the sources (grepping for {0,0,0,0} and I ended up chaging the binding code to change the IP to the $OPENSHIFT_DIY_IP if the address is or I liked this solution a lot better since it accomplishes exactly what I want, and I won’t have to make changes to libraries that try to bind to

So how can you get this setup? It should be pretty easy using my Erlang source. I thought about putting this in a repo that would build when the repo was pushed, but the build takes more than 1 hr so it always gets stopped midway though. I saw messages like Shell command '.../.openshift/action_hooks/build' exceeded timeout of 3516. Instead you have to SSH onto the machine and run the following script manually:

wget -O
cd $OPENSHIFT_TMP_DIR/otp-openshift
sed -i 's/{0,0,0,0}/'"{${OPENSHIFT_DIY_IP//[.]/,}}"'/g'  ./lib/erl_interface/src/connect/eirecv.c
./otp_build autoconf
./configure --prefix=$ERL_ROOT --without-termcap
make install

After it is done, you can test it by starting epmd and seeing that it works:

$OPENSHIFT_DATA_DIR/erl_home/bin/epmd -address $OPENSHIFT_DIY_IP -debug

Next, you have to install ejabberd. You can do this running this script:


tar xzvf expat-2.1.0.tar.gz
cd expat-2.1.0
./configure --prefix=$ERL_ROOT
make install

wget -O v2.1.13.tar.gz
tar xvf v2.1.13.tar.gz
cd ejabberd-2.1.13/src/
export PATH=$ERL_ROOT/bin:$PATH
./configure --prefix=$ERL_ROOT
make install

sed -i 's/localhost/$OPENSHIFT_DIY_IP/g' $ERL_ROOT/sbin/ejabberdctl
sed -i 's/localhost/'"$HOSTNAME"'/g' $ERL_ROOT/etc/ejabberd/inetrc
sed -i 's/127,0,0,1/'"${OPENSHIFT_DIY_IP//[.]/,}"'/g' $ERL_ROOT/etc/ejabberd/inetrc
sed -i 's/127,0,0,1/'"${OPENSHIFT_DIY_IP//[.]/,}"'/g' $ERL_ROOT/etc/ejabberd/ejabberdctl.cfg
sed -i 's/5280/8080/g' $ERL_ROOT/etc/ejabberd/ejabberd.cfg

EDIT: (added based on feedback) Make sure port 8080 is free. If you run ps -ef and see a ruby app running, you’ll need to kill it (If you really want to make sure it’s running on port 8080 run netstat -tulpn | grep $OPENSHIFT_DIY_IP).

Next you can start ejabberd running the following 2 commands, which you’ll want to put in your .openshift/action_hooks/start script:

$OPENSHIFT_DATA_DIR/erl_home/bin/epmd -address $OPENSHIFT_DIY_IP &
$OPENSHIFT_DATA_DIR/erl_home/sbin/ejabberdctl start

If there are no errors, you should be all set! At this point you’ll want to configure ejabberd to your own liking. You will need a user to login to the admin interface. If you don’t want to keep localhost as an XMPP host, change it in $OPENSHIFT_DATA_DIR/erl_home/etc/ejabberd.cfg. You’ll need an admin user on one of your hosts, so run the following command (using your host instead of localhost):

$OPENSHIFT_DATA_DIR/erl_home/sbin/ejabberdctl register admin localhost password1234

Connect to OpenShift My app was at so I went to and logged in using username [email protected] / password1234. Success! I can also connect to it using any XMPP software that supports BOSH. The default setup does not have encryption, so make sure not to require it for testing.

So this works for us since we’re only experimenting with this at this point. But it could be better. Specifically, right now when port 0 is specified, I pick a random port between 20001 & 30000. This should probably instead pick a port that is not used in that range. There may be other issues that I just haven’t run into, but this is a good start.