Installing Pyjamas on Windows XP

Now for the good stuff! I followed a wiki post and got an old Pyjamas version working. The old Pyjamas version was missing some features, so I figured out a way to build the latest version from scratch. For documentation purposes, here are the steps I followed on Windows XP:

  1. Download and run a Python 2.6 installer (here’s a link to the latest:
  2. Install comtypes 0.6.1. (comtypes-0.6.1.win32.exe in
  3. Permanently update the path for Python (and Pyjamas while you’re at it)
    1. Go to System Properties through Control Panel
    2. Open the Advanced tab, then click on the Environmental Variables button
    3. Add the following to your “PATH” system variable: c:\python26;c:\Pyjamas\pyjs\bin; (the 2nd dir will exist after you install pyjamas)
  4. Install Git for Windows (If you have Git skip this step)
    1. Install msygit from B
    2. Install TortisGit from
  5. Git the latest Pyjamas code.
    1. Create a directory C:\Pyjamas\
    2. Open an explorer window, and navigate to the C:\ drive.
    3. Right click on the Pyjamas directory and select Git Clone.
    4. Enter the URL: git://
  6. Open a new command line (this has to be done after updating the path):
    1. > cd C:\Pyjamas\pyjs C:\Pyjamas\pyjamas
    2. > python Note: The bootstrap won’t print anything to the screen, but it will create the bin directory (which was added to your path in step 3)
  7. Now test an application:
    1. > cd examples\helloworld
    2. > python
    3. Use Firefox or IE and open output\Hello.html Note: Chome won’t load AJAX pages off your local machine for security reasons. You’ll have to upload it somewhere to see it in chrome. For more info see
  8. If you find anything different, update the wiki! Pyjamas Wiki

I ran through steps 1-4 once about 6 months ago. Since then I periodically rerun steps 5 and 6 to get the latest Pyjamas code.

One last note. I wouldn’t recommend pyjamas desktop on Windows if you’re doing Canvas apps. It will be good when a webkit pyjamas desktop version is out, but if you want pyjamas desktop, I’d go with Ubuntu 9.10. Because I have an Ubuntu box, I’ve never put in the time into figuring out how to get pyjamas desktop working on Windows with the latest Pyjamas code, but I do know others that are using it.

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6 thoughts on “Installing Pyjamas on Windows XP

  1. I’ll try that!.. new to python this week, never mind pyjs which is still Alpha, your post is a rare gem in a desolate vast internet full of linux helpers for this subject.
    Will let you know if I get it .. THANK YOU.

  2. Hi. I was glad to see your post as it’s tough to get windows help for pyjs I am finding.

    Can you please let me know of any other details about the comtypes install? I just get “No Python installation found in the registry”
    on both a desktop and a laptop. I have added both python and pyjs to the windows $env:path as C:\Python27;C:\Pyjamas\bin .

    Out of clues .. thanks for any help!

  3. Ehenever i tried to execute the 7th step pyjsbuild.bat but stucked with an error “pyjsbuild.bat is not recognized as internal or external command” i had checked the system variable path many times , which seened perfect. but no idea why did i get that error.

  4. Anirban, I just ran through all the steps and it looks like everything is pretty close to how it was before (I put some updates into the blog post). There are some things you can do to check: – after running bootstrap, pyjsbuild.bat should be in the bin directory, so check C:\Pyjamas\pyjs\bin and if it is not there, you’ll have to debug why that step did not work (probably on the Pyjs mailing list) – if the pyjsbuild.bat file exists, the old build command should work if the path is setup correctly. Type “path” into the command prompt and make sure the directory with pyjsbuild.bat is there. Alternaively, the script in the helloword example dir will build the example

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